Moses Bible Study

Adult Christian Education Offering – SECOND ATTEMPT!
“Moses: In the Footsteps of the Reluctant Prophet”





A six-week DVD based series featuring Adam Hamilton

Well, we tried running this in the spring but COVID got in the way.
Now that fall is here, we’ll take another shot at it. Social distancing
will still be practiced and masks are required – but if you  have a
face shield, that might be a better option.

If we get a volunteer to run audio-visual, we’ll do this in the sanctuary.
If not, then it’ll be in the main level conference room. Location still TBD.

RSVP is requested.

Monday October 5th  7-8pm     The Birth Of Moses”       

Monday October 12th  7-8pm     “Two Moments That Defined the Man”

Monday October 19th  7-8pm    “The Exodus”

Monday October 26th  7-8pm     “The Ten Commandments”

Monday November 2nd  7-8pm    “Lessons From the Wilderness”

Monday November 9th  7-8pm      “Don’t Forget…..Pass it On”