Spiritual Life

St. Paul’s Acts of Kindness theme will continue this upcoming fiscal year promoting the “Love of Children”.  Quarterly activities for St. Paul have been selected and will focus on and foster our love to all of God’s children, a gift.   

The following are the activities selected:


  • Fall 2018 –   October 7th – We will joining our  service with Peace Church with the church youth singing together in worship.
  • Winter 2018 – December 29th – We will be going to the Partners of our Community Center (POC – Palatine) to teach children how to tie fleece blankets, which they will be able to. 
  • Spring 2019 – We will be hold a collection drive for underwear for the abandoned youth in Palatine – Dates to be determined.
  • Summer 2019 – We will be participating in the Palatine Opportunity Center’s Summer Camp helping with activities.   Specfic details and dates to be determined.


In addition, our Acts of Kindness tree in Fellowship Hall will continue this  year.   Rather than posting hearts, we will be using hands to write our acts of kindness that have been performed.  The hearts from last year will remain posted.   Let’s continue to see how full we can make the tree this year!



Oversees visitor and new member process, plans fellowship events that promote community

“We journey inward to worship, to learn, and to experience the joy of Christian fellowship and care” is where this Board finds its anchor into the Vision for the Congregation.

The Board’s mission is to provide intergenerational opportunities for Christian fellowship through congregational events to strengthen relationships, nourish the spirit and weave the tapestry of St. Paul’s future.

Several committees report up to this Board: Worship, Health, and Visitation. Each committee has its own members tied in to the Vision of St. Paul United Church of Christ.

Some of the accomplishments of the Board of Spiritual Life are:

  • A defined process for induction of new members and visitors
  • Planning and implementation of the annual Easter Pancake Breakfast
  • Development of a broad based intergenerational sewing group that has created both personal and service projects including quilts for hospice and the Mexico mission as well as pillow cases for children suffering from cancer.
  • Coordination and implementation of annual all-church July 4th picnic.
  • Provide support for summer Bible camp and Rally Day
  • A fun filled evening decorating the sanctuary for the Christmas Advent season.
  • Hosting of an intergenerational event for residents at Rosewood, a community nursing and convalescent home, with an evening of crafts, singing and sharing of dessert.
  • Coordination and implementation of fund raising events (such as a Taco Fiesta and Advent Cantata Breakfast)  in support of annual Mexico Mission trip that is combined efforts of other area churches