Feed My Starving Children


We can do Great Things!

Feed My Starving Children’s motto is “Turning Hunger into Hope.”

St Paul has been volunteering with FMSC in Schaumburg for many years.  Volunteers in groups of 6 gathered at each packing station to fill, weigh, seal, and box bags of food containing rice, soy, vitamins and flavoring.  The atmosphere is always positive and high energy.  Prayers opened and finished each food packing session.  We often enjoyed lunch or dinner together after the packing session at a nearby restaurant.

Packed food is shipped to poor countries such as Haiti.  From the FMSC website:

               “MannaPack meals are distributed by a fantastic network of dependable partner organizations and ministries in
               13 countries  in the Caribbean.

               “FMSC has very strong, long-standing relationships with many food distribution partners in the country of Haiti,
                as well as strengthening collaborations with many partners in the neighboring country of the Dominican Republic.

               “Haiti suffers from political instability, hurricanes and periodic droughts and is considered to be the poorest country
                in the Western Hemisphere.”

FMSC also works to feed children in 24 countries in Africa, along with countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and Central America, and South America.

Because of the pandemic, there were no packing sessions for several months earlier this year.

FMSC has recently reopened, pandemic style, with social distancing, masks, and limited entry.

We look forward to working with FMSC again sometime in 2021.