Christian Education



 All of us have within us a “God compass.” This God compass expresses itself on our journey through life in varied ways. Some of us can’t wait for Sunday morning to go to church, listen to the sermon and visit with our friends. Others, would rather be anywhere else than in a traditional church setting. The idea of sitting for an hour and listening to the Pastor preach is like a new student with a violin. The sound is screechy and all we can do is wait for the noise to end.

These differing ideas of the journey to God and with God color our world. Some of us want to be champions for social justice, others do not think that politics, (often seen as social justice), has a place in the church. It is my long-held belief that these two things are not exclusive. Therefore, with Pastor David’s full support, I am offering a four-week discussion group on the book: The Underground Church: Reclaiming the Subversive Way of Jesus by Robin Meyers. This book is available for under $10.00 at Amazon. If someone would like to attend but cannot afford the book, please let me know. Archbishop Desmond Tutu wrote:

When was the last time you thought of going to church as dangerous? Once we challenged the status quo; now we mostly defend it. The Underground Church tells the story of how we  forgot where we came from and why we must recover our subversive roots. Read this book if you dare. Become part of the movement if you are daring.                                                             

The Underground Church invites Christians to encounter a radical Jesus. This Jesus calls us to let go of ‘being right’ and gets on with the more distinguishing work of challenging empires and changing the world.

The discussion group is open to all who seek a closer relationship with God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and one will begin on April 17th and we will meet from 7:00-8:30 each Monday evening for four weeks, our last class being on May 8th. 

Please, if you feel that the church has lost its meaning or never had meaning for you, join me and others to explore a new way of faithful living. Please R.S.V.P. to me at: [email protected].

In Christ’s Love,
Bonnie Haase


Our goal is to invite our faith community to join us in a guided exploration of the core foundation of our beliefs based on scripture and on God’s ongoing revalation. We seek to engage learners in all stages of life and faith. This journey may take a variety of paths toward continual growth. Our goal is to reach the individual needs of all God’s children and to help them grow in their faith and its expression in daily life.

We provide many opportunities for children through adults to explore the Bible:

  • Sunday School for children ages 4 through 6th grade
  • Confirmation for 7th and 8th grade youth
  • Adult education series, offered both morning and evening to meet the need of those who work.

Fellowship and worship opportunities for all ages:

  • Movie nights, pool parties, advent workshops, Easter Egg Hunt, and Rally Day celebrations.
  • We provide nursery care each Sunday for the little ones.




2015 Easter Egg Hunt










Evan enjoying some fun time playing in the nursery


Ryan and Marty working on the Lessons of Noah, at Sunday School
Ryan and Marty working on the Lessons of Noah, at Sunday School