Getting the Scribe

From the Membership Committee:

In an effort to minimize the printing and mailing of the Scribe, we will be converting to electronic distribution in 2012.  A distribution list is being set up that will allow you to access the Scribe through email on a monthly basis.  To make this possible, we are asking that you send your request with email address to the church office at  and let us know you’d like to receive the Scribe via email.   Another way to view The Scribe is on the St. Paul website at

Members who wish to continue to receive a hard copy may do so by picking up the hard copy outside the Sanctuary.  We will be reviewing the remaining hard copies that have not been picked up each month and will be contacting these members to confirm that they still wish to receive the Scribe.  To make this process easier, please contact the church office at (847)358-0399 if you wish to have a hard copy of the Scribe mailed to you monthly.   Thank you for helping us minimize our expenses.

(*Please note– Our Homebound members will continue to receive their Scribe through the regular mail or through visitation.*)

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