Changes at our Church

“The Buildings and Grounds crew along with some member of St. Paul, buildt a new shed for additional church storage.  The shed is now located behind the church, on Slade Street.”

Finished Shed




New Shed




New Shed














Workers install a new roof.  




We’re not next to the “yellow house” anymore.

Since 1897, the “yellow house” has been a directional locator to help navigate one’s way through downtown Palatine.  Originally, this house served as the parsonage for St. Paul United Church of Christ, 144 E. Palatine Road, Palatine.  The years have passed; the house aged and was in need of substantial repairs and improvements.

The member s of St. Paul Church voted to have the house razed, which took place in October. The footprint where the “yellow house” stood is now visually open and welcoming to the church building.  St. Paul United Church of Christ was founded in 1871, and has its roots buried deep in a rich and diverse faith history that includes the first German settlers to the Palatine area. Beautiful stained glass windows frame the east and west sides of the sanctuary.  This new exposure highlights the architectural   windows and is particularly beautiful in the evening hours, depicting religious symbols and Biblical stories.

St. Paul UCC  is proud of its rich heritage in the Palatine community.  The current church family is alive and thriving.  Ministries and outreach are active on a local, national and international level giving adults and children the opportunity to put their beliefs and values into meaningful action. Sunday services begin at 10:00 am which coincide with Sunday school and a children’s nursery.  The corner of Palatine and Oak Street looks different.  No “yellow house”, but a beautiful church building with doors open to all.




With the yellow house gone, the church is more visible to passers-by and visitors.  




Photo depicts the east entrance to the church.