About Us

About St. Paul UCC

Welcome to St. Paul United Church of Christ!  We are thrilled that your search, (internet, spiritual, or otherwise), has brought you to our site.  We feel that our community of faith and fellowship has a lot to offer to those on their journey, no matter what path that journey may be taking them.

Founded in Palatine in 1871, St. Paul has its roots buried deep in a rich and diverse faith history that includes the first hardworking German settlers to this area, but also embraces the religious legacy of the Pilgrims and Puritans of the East Coast, as well as the radically lively faith of the Christian movement of the South and West.  These deep and broad roots give our community the stability we need to reach forward to the future God promises us, the strength we need to reach out to a wildly diverse world in need with God’s love.  In the shadow of this living, growing tree, there is room and welcome for all who need to be refreshed, renewed and revived.

Our church family at St. Paul is alive and thriving in God’s life and love, and God’s life and love are active and growing in us.  We hope that you will sense that vitality and grace in the pages of this site. As you explore the history of St. Paul and the United Church of Christ, the ministries and outreach that we nourish and that nourish us, and the beliefs and values that we hold dear, and that hold us together as a diverse community of faith, we pray that you will feel the grace of God shining through, and maybe get a glimpse of what it is you are looking for.


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