150th Anniversary Celebration

The St. Paul United Church of Christ 150th Anniversary Celebration is scheduled to start in January 2021, with a culminating service and possible celebration luncheon on April 18, 2021. The 150th Anniversary Committee started monthly planning meetings in 2019, and gained momentum with more contributing members in 2020. That is, until COVID-19 clamped down on our planning meetings in March.  However, on August 17th, our committee reconnected and tried to envision flexible plans for our upcoming April celebration.
Fortunately, our anniversary rock installation was scheduled early, just as statewide cancellations and closedowns were beginning.  Our statement rock was lifted, lowered, tilted, pushed, and coaxed into place on March 17th, 2020. And happily, the shrub garden around the rock was planted on June 13th.  Our goal was to have a tangible and lasting centerpiece of our anniversary celebration established and even possibly blooming (meaning the viburnum spicebushes) for the month of April 2021. We are very grateful that this entire project, thus far, has been donated. Margie and Chuck Anderson donated the rock and installation and Yardworks, Jerry Cole, donated three viburnums, and three boxwoods, along with the involved landscaping work. The plaque for the rock will possibly be installed in late March or early April of 2021.

Committee members are currently working on such items as banners, a souvenir booklet, and photo pages of St. Paul Church memories to be displayed on a bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.  Planning for the April anniversary service and luncheon will need to wait until changing health restrictions are clearer.

150 years—an anniversary celebration of generations of St. Paul U.C.C. Church; a celebration of its faithful missions and its faithful people!